Tuesday, September 9, 2008


"Hidup memang palat, tapi esok masih ada..."

The Story:

Teenage movie “KAMI” follows a group of five friends as they squeeze in as much fun and reckless abandonment on their road to self-discovery before entering a new stage in their lives – higher education.

Lynn is a form five student who juggles her studies while helping her mother at their food stall and hangs out with Ali,Abu, Sofie, and Adii. Although they have made her part of their circle, Lynn is holding back a dark past from her buddies. Unknown to them Lynn and her mother had moved from their small town home to start afresh in the city away from a persistent small-time drug dealer, Boy, whom Lynn used to run errands for to gain extra pocket money.

To complicate matters, Lynn writes under the pseudonym Teka Teki for her own, well known fanzine called KAMI and has recently contributed a scathing write-up on Ali’s band in a local music magazine.

As she struggles to keep her secrets under wraps, Lynn soon learns that they are all hiding something from each other.


Before ni mini series die ditayangkan kat 8tv...
Bagi aku cter ni sempoi dan best..beze dgn cter2 kat Malaysia yg story line die agak common...Harap movie die pon best same dgn series die...
Akan ditayangkan bermula Raya Pertama ni...


athe said...

lately mmg byk cerita msia y agak open
best,sbb mdedahkan life teens zmn skrg-y hakiki,
but still xbape nk msuk ng kbnykkan org y dlm dunia ku..
so,agak ampeh je rs bila tgk.huhu

bobchanz said...

huh...aku ske tgk sbb yhe story line is diffrent from malay story..

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